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Welcome to Mega Promo  


MEGA PROMO is a company that specializes in advertising by the object. The promotional item is designated to meet your needs. This means of mass communication is recognized among the media for the quality of the message it conveys and for its ease of distribution. There are more than 500,000 kinds of promotional items. These items can fit any budget and can ally with other methods of marketing. Our mandate is to advise you the best promotional vehicle of the event.  

MEGA PROMO offers competitively priced quality products. Our dynamism and our experience are oriented according allow you to bet on an efficient and courteous service. The company's mission: To provide quality promotional items to adequately meet the needs of customers. To do this, we must try to find the object that will achieve your goals.  

You will be able to see that with MEGA PROMO, you will develop a business relationship where everyone is WIN-WIN.  


Denis Lévesque, President